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This website helps users to know more about the wetland coverage and its change over a period of time using satellite imagery and data.

The page contains the following data:

Additionally, the site requires you to select the level you want to explore statistics on. E.g. do you want to see country-scale, regional or district-scale statistics. After selecting the scale, just click on the area you want to see statistics for and the statistics will be displayed on the right hand side.

Note that the intended use of the site is to compare the baseline conditions with current or recent wetland mappings. Hence, the reporting and statistics mostly makes sense when more than one map is available for comparison.

Explore how its made

The code for this webpage is open source and can be access through the repository on GitHub. You will need a standard webhost for hosting the site, as well as a server for hosting both raster and shapefiles as WMS-layers. In our case we use GeoServer for this.

This portal was developed by DHI GRAS. For futher information, please contact Christian T√łttrup.

Download Data layers

A wetlands map has been produced by the project to act as the baseline wetland map for reporting on SDG indicator 6.6.1 in Uganda, based on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data from 2016 and 2017. This is available in the viewer here, but can also be shown in your QGIS by adding the layer as an XYZ Tile service. Just use this URL:

This also allows you to add the polygons layers used on the site directly to your map. Alternatively you can download these using the links below, which is recommend if you want to run the reporting workflow.

Note that the classes of the map doesn't align with the SDG reporting classes. Within the SDG reporting framework, natural and artifical water bodies are reported seperately, but these are not possible to discern directly from remote sensing data. Note also the "Temporary water" class included which is a non-Wetland class and hence should not be included in the SDG reporting.

The workflow for generating statistics for display in the portal is included in the GlobWetland-Africa Toolbox, developed as part of the GlobWetland-Africa project funded by the European Space Agency. For access, please go to the GWA website and download the latest version of the toolbox (the workflow is included from version 1.4 BETA)